36 DAYS OF TYPE 2020​​​​​​​

This is my first 36 DAYS OF TYPE that I've participated in. I've been dabbling in the 3D space for a few years now but nothing serious. I took this event as an opportunity to explore and develop new techniques within Cinema4D. Some renders aren't the best but I did learn how particular functions work. It's been a very rewarding 36 days!

Please let me know your favourite and least favourite! 
A for Asphalt ​​​​​​​
B for Brick
F for Frightened
G for Gameboy
H for Harry Potter
I for Ice Cream
J for Jungle
K for Keyboard
L for Lemon Lime
M for Mass Hysteria
N for NBA Legends
O for Overgrown
P for Potato
Q for Quilts 
R for Rusty
S for Shrink Wrap
T for Tear
U for USB
W for Wire

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